How I achieved Instantaneous Meditation

For the first time in many many months, I was able to clear my mind even for the shortest period of 5 minutes. It was a blissful feeling, something I did not expect.

Just had a fun and worthwhile 3 days at home. Because of a long weekend, I was able to spend time with my family and felt a little sad because I will be away for a long while. I had a long but smooth bus ride and arrived at the University early in the morning. I was listening to an audiobook “Bossypants” by Tina Fey, which was published in 2011, and did not actually find it funny. I love Tina Fey and her stints on SNL and her movies with BFF Amy Poehler ( listened to her audiobook “Yes Please” and enjoyed it very much), but the 2011 Tina, was not the Tina I was expecting. Anyhow, I did not finish listening to it as I was starting to take interest in listening to Pride and Prejudice narration which I happened to have stumbled upon on Spotify. It just goes to show that I easily get distracted; I tend to lose focus and jump from one thing to another. This is the reason why I had to badly needed meditation.

I’ve been trying so many techniques on how to meditate and focus. Clearing one’s mind from even the smallest thing is not as easy as it may seem. For someone as easily distracted as me, it’s nearly impossible. But just this afternoon, I might have found the answer to instantaneous meditation; the levels of which you could lose consciousness in less than 5 minutes.

I was just doing my usual afternoon dip/swimming exercise/sunset meditation. The water was quite warm and calm. The current was a bit strong but there were no waves. I swam my way to the deep part of the beach for approximately 5 minutes, to get as far away from the shore as possible (there were any people). I was hyperventilating from the swim (my stamina is not as good as it was when I was younger), I felt almost passing out and my arms and legs can no longer paddle me further. I rested on my back for a while, staring at the beautiful indigo sky, where darkness was starting to overcome the light of the day (it was around 6pm). I was just drifting with the current, and was taken to the other part of the beach without me barely noticing.

For the first time in many many months, I was able to clear my mind even for the shortest period of 5 minutes. It was a blissful feeling, something I did not expect. My body was floating in the water, I was staring blankly at the beautiful canvass that the sun and clouds were painting, and I could hear my breathing: I felt life force coming in and going out of my body. That single moment, I cannot recall what I have had in mind. My mind was cleared from anything and everything, even including nothing. I was in a state of suspended animation possibly crossing dimensions of consciousness.

Probably it was my brain almost shutting down due to the lack of oxygen because of swimming. In a book by Eben  Alexander, a renowned neurosurgeon, through meditation, one can cross over to higher consciousness. Dr. Alexander had a Near Death Experience (NDE). He was comatose for 7 days because of a massive brain infection that affected the reasoning and logical side of his brain. Being a brilliant brain doctor and hearing those NDE experiences from patients and his research, he was at skeptical at first but eventually transformed, when he himself was subjected to it. He mentioned that our consciousness is just a small part of the multiple levels of spiritual consciousness which near death can bring us. Almost drowning and feeling my muscles almost giving up, brought to a euphoric state of nothingness; a feeling of certain freedom even for just a little while.

Those few minutes felt like forever. I was taken to a new dimension of happiness; it might have been a temporary high, but it was beautiful. 

PS I cannot recommend the procedure to anyone else because it is dangerous. But somewhere at the back of my mind, I know this is not a new thing. As much as  I want to research about it online, my internet is very limited. Please comment your thoughts regarding the matter below. 



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