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Others say happiness is hard to find. Others found happiness and then easily lost it. Others haven’t really found it, and some just gave up on it.

Happiness is a state of mind, they say. For me, happiness is something that you feel not only for yourself but for others as well. We say we are happy when we obtain the things we like or when things go our way, and as we have expected it to be. We say we’re not happy when we think, everything is going wrong.

Sometimes, our so-called happiness becomes others downfall. We may deny it, but sometimes, we have gone through that stage wherein we are happy for the misery of others.  I had been there before, and I had also been a victim of it. It was painful, I got hurt and I was sad.

We don’t need to brag about us being happy. True happiness comes from within. You will feel good and free when you feel that kind of happiness. You forgive, you sacrifice and you share your happiness with others even without any intentions of doing so. Genuine HAPPINESS will always prevail to show its true meaning in you when you make others HAPPY too.

Others will say happiness is a superficial feeling. I say happiness is acceptance. It is one’s ability to accept reality for what it is, and to live with what is there at that moment, and then continues to be inspired for a better future and for a greater life; no sourgraping, no sugarcoating, no bitterness.

Be happy. Everything will be okay.

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How I avoid road traffic stress

how to avoid road traffic stress:

I’ve been driving our car in the past few weeks and I’ve noticed how traffic has worsened even in a small town like Butuan. Sometimes, when it rains so bad, traffic on rush hours doubles or even triples, and it’s pretty annoying and stressful. In the news, the Philippines traffic situation is so worse that in 2016, navigation and traffic app WAZE concluded that Cebu is the worst place for drivers. In the past few months, accidents and road rage incidents have increased causing injuries and accidents.

Driving almost every day, I have to divert myself from all the anxiety the traffic can bring. Here are ways on how I avoid the stress that goes with it.

Prepare a driving playlist

Music always is the answer. Through music, we are able to control our mood, our feelings, our emotions. I make a playlist of my favorite song on my iPhone or I search for the perfect playlist in the wide array of songs featured Spotify. I usually sing along to my favorite songs whenever I’m stuck in a long line waiting for the green light, and it just makes me feel like time flies.

Listen to podcast

Since I took a break from the corporate world, I have started to appreciate listening to radio podcasts once again because I learn so much from just listening to it whenever I drive. Topics discussed can vary from science to health, religion and just about everything under the sun. I am currently listening to Science Vs., where they discuss facts versus fads,  Victory ph for my dose of spirituality, and The Friendzone, a comedy podcast about life and all.  You can be download and play them via Spotify.

Talk to your passenger

This is probably my favorite. I send and pick my nieces and mom every day for school and work. Every afternoon (when traffic is at its worst), I talk to my nieces about how their day was and I get to see a glimpse of their day and how it is to be young today.  I actually learn so many from them and how much the world has changed since I was in highschool. I also give them advises that I think are practical and smart for them and timely for their growing up years.

Bring food and water

Worse than being stuck in traffic is being stuck in traffic hungry and thirsty. It was actually my mom’s  idea to have a food box and filled water bottles (BPA free and glass) in the car everyday so that whenever anyone is hungry, food is always ready. You can also save money because you do not need to drive thru fastfood. #lifehack

Have a lot of patience

And lastly, patience: lots and lots of patience. Always give way and be kind. Respect and follow traffic rules, drive safely and happily.

Additional tips:

  1. Be early so you have more time to drive.
  2. Use shortcuts and try alternative routes.
  3. Check and maintain vehicle regularly to avoid breakdowns.



5 life truths

(I am writing this entry in the presence of 3 people drinking brandy and singing karaoke at broad daylight, while I am waiting for my mother’s car to be finished. I am in a carwash/ karaoke bar on a fine Sunday afternoon. )

Below are 5 life truths that you should be able to manage in your quarter life.


In your life, you will fail in many endeavors and in too many times. You win some, you lose some they say. You will fail people, fail expectations and fail yourself. Nobody wants to fail intentionally. But along the way and as a part of growing up, we fail and recover somehow.

We fail to learn.

We lose to gain.

We fall to rise. 

We disappoint to surprise. 


A favor is a favor whether you asked for it or someone gave it to you. If you have to have a favor, take the former. Lay your cards on the table and whether they approve, support, help you or not, you already decided for yourself. Do not be indebted to what they want for you. You are you. Do your best to repay that favor by small acts or grand gesture. Always be thankful.

Believe that there are still good people who are willing to help without expecting anything in return. Know that kindness will never run out of style.


Distraction is a product of your wandering mind because it feels like it can accomplish so much more when it can only do so much at a time. From time to time, you will be distracted by other people, by a youtube video, by a call from a friend or by just about anything. Take some breaks, appreciate small breathers, and then come back to your goals, and focus.

My greatest distraction is alcohol and heavy drinking. I tend to do less whenever I drink more. My travel to places where alcohol was expensive helped me accomplished more by drinking less.

Focus on what is important at the moment, and get rid of the unnecessary.



Life is never going to be easy. You will be tired, hungry, sick, angry, frustrated. Amidst it all celebrate failure and distress because it is your spiral staircase towards satisfaction. It’s the safety net to your failure.  We become frustrated when we expect so much and it doesn’t go our way. After all our efforts, our hard work, and resources invested at something, if we are not satisfied we crumble.

Frustration, though, teaches us to expect less and do more. It breaks the monotony of life’s “what you get is what you give”. Give it your all, hope for the best and expect the unexpected.

In your journey, if it’s all safe, all familiar, all easy, then there is nothing new, there is no more growth.


Ego, pride, frustrations. People will hate you, lose their trust on you big time, leave you and eventually hurt you. Those who will stay, no matter what, continues to support you, trust you and love you, they will be your rock, your foundation.

A true friend will bet on you, count on you, invest in you, like a true family who puts all their faith in you, and whether you succeed or fail, as long as you did your all, and you are kind, you will never disappoint.

My greatest fear was to disappoint the people who have so much faith in me. It was the only reason why I cry myself to sleep at night. Eventually, the ones who truly matter doesn’t really care if you fail. If they love you they will support you unconditionally.

The happiest people I’ve met have one thing in common. They have a great faith in God. Different religion but same faith in God. I am surrounded by people who are either extremist in their religion, mediocre followers, agnostics and non-believers. I used to shy down about being very spiritual, just because I didn’t want to look like a pagan believer. But eventually praying has been my greatest refuge when I am overwhelmed or angry, overjoyed or frustrated, through my little victories and failures, and it humbled me.

 My faith is my foundation, it brings me joy and comfort. It clears my mind and it gives me my daily drive to live to the fullest because God guarantees me victory.

We will always have our share of good and bad. We will meet people who will stir up our humanity and step hard on our ego. We will be shattered more than ever. We will cry. But no matter what, just so as long as we have faith in God, in ourselves and the people that matter to us the most, every tear and every pain will be worth it.



How to chill

There is a never ending try towards being the best and I leave it all to my friends and the people on facebook because they are always chasing after their #LifeGoals and #Blessed feels.

As a first, Today, we learn how to be #Chill and how we can #LiveToBe

  1. Be a MESS in this world full of in control people and those who tries so hard to “fit the mold”

Being accomplished and perfect is so normal (and pretentious) nowadays. Surprise people by being a mess, not figured out and confused. It may look (and sound) devastating, but no matter how wasted your life may seem, people will be inspired by how you are managing to hold up. We all just wanna be a mess sometimes, but don’t be a real mess though, recover in every blow, stand up after every fall. Just dont think so much about being in control and do not overthink any situations. It’s okay to be not okay sometimes and being a mess, as long as you clean up after is actually okay.

  1. Have feelings. Feel your feelings and be honest about it, even when others can’t and wont.

Times are changing, and everyday we keep encouraging ourselves to be brave and strong, independent, rational, and it often leads us to being numb, insensitive, heartless. Yeah, we get hurt when we become vulnerable and open, but we will still get hurt even if we are not. In this world of rational and instant emotions, it is best to still have feelings and to feel your feelings. It is crying when you are sad, or overjoyed. It is laughing at the silliest jokes and sympathizing over a loss. Feelings make us human and its one way to connect. Be honest to yourself, be honest to your feelings. Live to be a person, not a robot.

  1. Make mistakes in this unforgiving world of perfection and superficial success

Like come on? People WILL make mistakes, real talk. Living is about being able to do what you want to do, failing, making mistakes, learning from it, and doing or not doing it again. It had always been complicated and there is never an easy way to be living one’s life.

Fact: you will disappoint people, hurt and frustrate them, and vice versa. Make your best mistake (just don’t get yourself killed.)

  1. Keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself, and only to the people you care about.

The thing with this fast-paced world is that we tend to say our emotions on social media too often and too much. You will look like a  bipolar or psychologically ill; bursting in anger now and then suddenly being overjoyed in a matter of 5 minutes. We often express our temporary feelings and nobody really (actually) cares except those people in our intimate circle (family and close friends). Out of the hundreds of people you are friends with on facebook and thousands of followers on twitter, only a handful are really close to you and eventually give a damn about you and your feelings. Others just love to pry (because they have no better things to do) and are just waiting for you to just break down, and that is so not cool.

  1. Do not be afraid to miss out on things, like 90% of it doesnt really matter

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. It’s when you look at other people’s snapchat or instagram post or facebook update and they seem to be having so much fun and you are not. Social media has made FOMO so much intense that friendships end, and envy and bitterness is maximized.

Remember: YOU ARE NOT MISSING OUT ON LIFE. You are where you are supposed to be, you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and you are with people you are supposed to be with.

  1. Meet people, fall in love, get hurt, be wiser. Repeat.

Meet people and fall in love regardless of how many heartbreaks you’ve been through and will be going through. There is an incomparable joy to that of falling in love; whether it’s unrequited or it’s a love lost in the end. The best people will always be those who always loves, always gets hurt and always becomes wiser in the end. Let the experience, all the good and bad, teach you a thing or two about accepting the things as they are, letting go of the things that doesn’t matter, and moving on and moving forward.

  1. Sleep. Read a book. Drink tea. Take your time.

Live to be chill, don’t be too hot. Always take time to do small things because time is all we really got and it is the only thing we have for free. In this world of instant noodles, instant replies and instant everything, taking your time on doing some small things like stopping by to watch the sunset, talking to a friend you haven’t seen for 5 years, enjoying a good wine or eating out a fancy steak dinner all by yourself. You need a time off from the entire pretense and trying.

When was the last time you cried reading a book? Or slept in the arms of someone? Small things count.

  1. Travel alone (and far)

Just because it’s liberating. *drops mic

  1. Write a journal, make a blog, do not care if people will like, comment, or share. Just pour your heart out on something.

Not everyone can be a writer, or a blogger, but everyone can express their feelings through art, literature, and/or music. Make art. Keep a journal of your activities, make a youtube page of your performance or create an online portfolio of your crafts. It’s good for you and your mind. It’s basically free on the internet, and most importantly, it’s easy to share (if you want to), and it’s the most efficient way of inspiring other enthusiasts.

The goal is to express yourself by any means that is at your utmost convenience. And did I mention it’s also healthy for the mind and spirit?

  1. (and most importantly) let others be

Live to be, and let others be. STOP shoving your thoughts, opinions and unsolicited advises to other people’s throats, that is so uncool man. Surely we have our own opinions, morals, truths and reality, and that does not make us better than anybody.

To each his own and we can only do so much for others; like listening, giving them our 2 cents and just genuinely care for them. Do not overstep into others personal space, their perspectives, and their morals. We have different journeys and we live at different pages of our lives, do not judge too quickly.

Be yourself, be what you want to be, just not at the expense of others. Succeed in your own little big way, achieve your own personal goals.

Do not follow any list on how to live, or how to be. Just live to be.


that’s a friendly reminder (with great love) from my 27 year old me to my present me


Hanging out

Literally hanging out.

I’m back (yet again) and I am very excited for this year.

In a few days, I will be back in The Philippines and I will start a new journey which I myself haven’t planned for yet; starting up with this new blog, which I hope to get a personal domain soon (keep the faith), and a few stories about my recent solo-backpacking through some countries in South East Asia (Yey!)


Hangout soon guys!