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Others say happiness is hard to find. Others found happiness and then easily lost it. Others haven’t really found it, and some just gave up on it.

Happiness is a state of mind, they say. For me, happiness is something that you feel not only for yourself but for others as well. We say we are happy when we obtain the things we like or when things go our way, and as we have expected it to be. We say we’re not happy when we think, everything is going wrong.

Sometimes, our so-called happiness becomes others downfall. We may deny it, but sometimes, we have gone through that stage wherein we are happy for the misery of others.  I had been there before, and I had also been a victim of it. It was painful, I got hurt and I was sad.

We don’t need to brag about us being happy. True happiness comes from within. You will feel good and free when you feel that kind of happiness. You forgive, you sacrifice and you share your happiness with others even without any intentions of doing so. Genuine HAPPINESS will always prevail to show its true meaning in you when you make others HAPPY too.

Others will say happiness is a superficial feeling. I say happiness is acceptance. It is one’s ability to accept reality for what it is, and to live with what is there at that moment, and then continues to be inspired for a better future and for a greater life; no sourgraping, no sugarcoating, no bitterness.

Be happy. Everything will be okay.

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