How I avoid road traffic stress

how to avoid road traffic stress:

I’ve been driving our car in the past few weeks and I’ve noticed how traffic has worsened even in a small town like Butuan. Sometimes, when it rains so bad, traffic on rush hours doubles or even triples, and it’s pretty annoying and stressful. In the news, the Philippines traffic situation is so worse that in 2016, navigation and traffic app WAZE concluded that Cebu is the worst place for drivers. In the past few months, accidents and road rage incidents have increased causing injuries and accidents.

Driving almost every day, I have to divert myself from all the anxiety the traffic can bring. Here are ways on how I avoid the stress that goes with it.

Prepare a driving playlist

Music always is the answer. Through music, we are able to control our mood, our feelings, our emotions. I make a playlist of my favorite song on my iPhone or I search for the perfect playlist in the wide array of songs featured Spotify. I usually sing along to my favorite songs whenever I’m stuck in a long line waiting for the green light, and it just makes me feel like time flies.

Listen to podcast

Since I took a break from the corporate world, I have started to appreciate listening to radio podcasts once again because I learn so much from just listening to it whenever I drive. Topics discussed can vary from science to health, religion and just about everything under the sun. I am currently listening to Science Vs., where they discuss facts versus fads,  Victory ph for my dose of spirituality, and The Friendzone, a comedy podcast about life and all.  You can be download and play them via Spotify.

Talk to your passenger

This is probably my favorite. I send and pick my nieces and mom every day for school and work. Every afternoon (when traffic is at its worst), I talk to my nieces about how their day was and I get to see a glimpse of their day and how it is to be young today.  I actually learn so many from them and how much the world has changed since I was in highschool. I also give them advises that I think are practical and smart for them and timely for their growing up years.

Bring food and water

Worse than being stuck in traffic is being stuck in traffic hungry and thirsty. It was actually my mom’s  idea to have a food box and filled water bottles (BPA free and glass) in the car everyday so that whenever anyone is hungry, food is always ready. You can also save money because you do not need to drive thru fastfood. #lifehack

Have a lot of patience

And lastly, patience: lots and lots of patience. Always give way and be kind. Respect and follow traffic rules, drive safely and happily.

Additional tips:

  1. Be early so you have more time to drive.
  2. Use shortcuts and try alternative routes.
  3. Check and maintain vehicle regularly to avoid breakdowns.